If you are a business professional or business owner, then this is probably one of the most important events you will ever attend in your life.

Yes I know it is a big statement to make, and I do not say it lightly.

That is because if you do come to the surgery I will tell you exactly what I see based on a methodology that has been used on hundreds of people ranging from Senior Executives to Politicians.

If you want to know why you haven’t got further in your career or business and what you can do about it, I will aim to detect that in 10 minutes.

When you attend, I will know nothing about you, other than your name for the simple reason that I read you blind and determine my profile by whats in front of me.

If you do not like to be judged, then I do not think this is for you.  The marketplace judges you therefore so must I, if you are to get value from our session together.

Here is just a small amount you will receive at the Surgery.

  • First impressions are everything in todays marketplace,  Everyone does it and a staggering  80% will make a decision about your suitability in under a second. During this session you will be informed of your perception in the marketplace by a highly experienced profiler who will advise you of the changes you need to make to create an impression that will draw people to you like a magnet and get you noticed as the best person for the position
  • You will discover how you can instantly make changes that will increase your status and position in the marketplace that will attract high level opportunities  putting you ahead of the competition and significantly increasing your earning potential.
  • You will further find out how you can package yourself and your offering to demonstrate to the marketplace your value, that will have people clammering to get to you.  While increasing your position of influence to the top of your industry.


It fully exceeded my expectations. Pinpointed exactly what I need to move forward. I would highly recommend this.”

~ David Holis

I was surprised how quickly and accurately my situation was assesed. Andy told me what, I needed to hear!”

~ Jim N Taylor

In a short space of time, Andy accurately identified gaps and areas that I had not considered before which were potentially hindering me. He has the expertise to advise and motivate you from being stagnant to fully utilising your deserved maximum potential.”

~ Sonal Shah


Andy is much sought after for profiling talent and potential to see how they can effectively be delivered to the marketplace

A profiler and strategist he was determined to discover what was the formula why some people made an impact and many didn’t, having been overlooked himself of many occasions earlier on in his career.

He is focused on identifying real potential and talent and ensure that they are recognised in the middle of the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded marketplace where it is easy to go undetected.

Using the Diamond Satus Process a methodology that has helped hundreds of people raise their status and thousands more who have taken the   Professional Impact Profile.

He is considered to be direct, fair and a straight talker who is determined to get the best out of people.






Professional Consultants charge a lot of money for one to one sessions which is why you rarely see them offered.

The Impact Surgery is a great opportunity to fast track your career or business is aimed at business professionals and business owners. If you are a start up then I am afraid this is not for you.

BOOKING FEE –  The Impact Surgery is FREE, all we ask is that if you book, you attend as we do have a waitlist. Please note, once booked if you wish to cancel we do require 24 hours notice.

At the start of 2018 these sessions will be charging an administration fee of £20 with all profits going to a charity

To get your required slot and to avoid disappointment you need to book early

So don’t delay your booking to get your preferred time slot and avoid disappointment.

Currently offered across central London with planned expansion in the UK and to the US.

Click the button above to select your time slot.

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