Andy T Cumming is a Talent and Impact Profiler,  in other words he helps people to reach a higher status in their industry. He is the co founder of Impact Fast Track and the creator of the Diamond Status Process a methodology that analysis’s peoples position in the marketplace starting with The Professional Impact Profile. this assesement has been already helped thousands of people and has been taken in over 23 different countries and is aknolwledged as one of the best impact profiling tools in the market today.

He has lived and worked both in the UK and abroad which led to getting a diverse insight into how peoples perception of the marketplace operate.

His clients have included heads of industry, government officials, politicians, professional sportsmen and film producers.

He was Head Coach at Saracens under 16s junior team at just 22 years of age.

Is a Post Graduate  from the University of West London

Master Practiioner in NLP

Learnt Profiling while in the Police Service

Previously Worked in Sales and Marketing in the City of London before becoming a business owner.


Andy became extremely frustrated in the earlier part of his career being overlooked for positions he was more than qualified for in the earlier part of his career despite earning Post Graduate qualifications.

Having spent a large chunk on his life working out what made some people more impactful than others, he developed the Diamond Status Process as it is known today to identify what people require to make headway in their carreers and has already helped hundreds of people elevate their position. Thousands if you include those that have taken the profiles on over 23 different countries.

There are plenty of people with amazing potential and talent who seem to be lost in the crowd. He sees it as his mission to ensure that those people reach their deserved status


He believes that the marketplace is overcrowded, very noisy and highly competitive. With thousands of businesses starting up each week he says that this busy environment is only going to get worse for you to stand out from the crowd. He is adamant that the way to succeed is to have a presence and strategy to be impactful in the marketplace. In a recent interview he said, “There is a lot of talent in the marketplace that is not being seen as it should. This is because the marketplace is flooded with sub-standard and dishonest individuals who just play a better game. I see it as my mission to bring the best, honest talent to the forefront as it is they who will make the world a better place.”






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